Conference Registration

  1. Invitations will be sent to Branches by email, fax and post on 05 April 2013. The CPC-2013 website will go live ( from 26th April 2013 and delegates will be able to register using the online registration system.
  2. Branches unable to register online should download the forms and send the duly filled forms by email (scanned), fax or post to the above mentioned addresses of the Conference Coordinator at Parliament of the Republic of South Africa as well as to the CPA HQ/Secretariat in London. List of Delegates and Biographical Details must be submitted on or before Friday 31st May 2013 and the Travel Information/ Accommodation and Tour Forms must be submitted on or before Friday 28th June 2013.
  3. CPA HQ Secretariat will monitor registrations. Only the Branches that have paid their association membership fees in full are permitted to send delegates/secretaries to attend the Conference. Delegates and secretaries of Branches whose membership fees are overdue will not be accepted as participants. Payments of any such outstanding membership fees must be made to the CPA Secretariat and received in the Secretariat’s London office on or before 9th June 2013.

Biographical Details

  1. In order to guarantee the accuracy of information and to ensure consistency in the formatting of the biography book, participants must fill out the online form available in the registration section or the forms received along with the invitation. Published biographies will be derived from the material provided in this form. If biographies are too lengthy, editorial decisions may be made to summarize the biographies. Please note that résumés will not be accepted.
  2. A current passport photo is required for the biography book and for the production of conference passes. Those who register online can upload the photo electronically using the online delegate registration system; otherwise send two photos with the biographical form.

Need Help with Registration?

Read our full registration instructions for further assistance.